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Realism, Abstract and now: Metamorphic Art.

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Metamorphic art is imagery that has the appearance of something real, or suggests something real, but is actually created by a process that is unrelated to the real imagery and only bears a resemblance to real things by accident. The best examples of metamorphic art are fractals which often look like and are described as […]

Grow Yer Own Mountains!

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(Above) I India Inked the original image from the program. That had the effect of darkening the colors and applying the fine scratches (engraving pattern) to it. I always India Ink everything. It’s almost as natural as framing. Thanks to my fellow Computer Artist and software enthusiast, Dan Riles, I discovered Capow. (From the website:) […]

Pieces of the Puzzle

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  In the old days the great artists were masters. In more recent times the greatness of an artist has measured by such qualities as: expressiveness; intelligence; satire; social commentary. Today, the great artists are scavengers; collectors not creators; thinkers not commentators; pointers of the way, not great ships under sail. Names in the phone […]

Rare Picasso Made by Me in 7 Seconds!

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I just know Pablo would want to shake my hand and say how relieved he is that finally someone has arisen to carry on the rich tradition of fresh, progressive artwork that he started. I’m not sure he would be able to relate to the simple digital techniques of blockwaving travel posters off the internet, […]

Physician, Know thy Applantus!

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(Image Above) A Sterlingware fractal India Ink.8bf-ed with the Queen color setting and the Xor pattern at 4x. (What better illustration to senseless utterances than a concert hall?) I love senseless statements. Especially when they have that special air of antiquity or authority. Is it a shallow thing? Marcel Duchamp wrote on one of his […]

The Planet Motif

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(Image Above) Raw image made in the fractal program, InkBlot Kaos Perhaps the round, disk-like images have a special resonance in the human mind? I often go overboard making variations on this planet-like theme. The central part is usually empty or sparsely populated with respect to graphical features and responds strongly to the India Ink […]

Someday this picture will be worth a hundred bucks!

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For those of you who think art has to involve a lot of careful consideration, precision and care, I spent quite some time adjusting the two block wave parameters in Showfoto to come up with this one. The default settings often work well, but naturally one wants to experiment, and that’s quite easy to do […]

Insect Magnetism

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Magnetism — as in attraction and repulsion. Insects are intriguing; they’re like living machines and yet there’s something threatening and disturbing about them. When insects are viewed inside a glass case we can relax and admire their alien architecture. But out in the wild; unrestrained and on an equal footing, they make us uneasy. I […]

Sci-Fi Show

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  Sometimes Sterlingware makes very cool images that have a vintage sci-fi look to them. These images almost always come from the sine-trap rendering methods. This is one of the things that makes fractals so interesting; they often produce huge panoramas of very detailed and stylized imagery. It can get boring at times since the […]

Castle of Ancient Kingdoms

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It’s just a blockwaved black and white engraving from an old book about Columbus. Or to be precise; it’s a detail of the blockwaved image. The full image is just below here. The above is a detail from it. Feel free to explore like I did, although this sort of imagery may not appeal to […]