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While most artists would be accused of narcissism if they talked about how great and wonderful their work was, this would not be true of someone who does what I do. The great creative power of Clickism comes not from an artist’s mind or from their skill in operating the tools of their trade, but […]

Photorealism Can Be Boring

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Sometimes the primitive stuff is more exciting A few years ago, I got a video out from the public library called “The Puzzle Channel”. It was a TV show from 1994 that featured short puzzles and mysteries for the viewer to solve. They were all pretty standard puzzles and brain teasers that revolved around a […]

Engines Everywhere

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Vernissage.8bf (square chunks), India Ink (texture lines), a couple of Andrew Buckle’s coloring filters of no fixed address… I think it’s natural for artists, or creative people in general, to acquire a semi-nomadic pattern of working. Picking up a new method or, in a digital context, a new program — a new type of imagery […]

Seconds in Space

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Wild legends always erupted whenever anyone, usually a child, asked how the Mars colony got started. It’s of my opinion that, deep down, everyone knows the real reasons for establishment of the colony, but what exactly happened in the first days and even the first years, has always been the subject of much conflict and […]

First Christmas on Mars

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After the original deposits of crystal gas had been mined out completely, the Earth company wouldn’t send out a supply ship unless we could guarantee them that we could send it back at least half full. Despite our best attempts to lie about new discoveries and fake the levels of crystal in the storage silos, […]

Cherry Orchard

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My ongoing experiments with the Blockwave filter in Showfoto eventually led me, as is always the case, to diminishing returns. I then started to chart the most unlikely parameter settings to see if I could come up with something else of interest. The results were images like this semi-obliterated one which, unlike most of the […]


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This series of images were made about half a year ago and I can’t remember exactly how I made them. However, my visual reverse-engineering skills suggest to me that they probably started out as a fractal and were then were distorted using one of the distortion filters (.8bf) by Mario Klingemann like Distortion by Hue […]

A Better Mars

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All the images here started out as fractals from Inkblot Kaos, were then modified with India Ink.8bf (black engraving texture), and then modified with various filters for coloring and distortion effects. The text and all the filtering was done in XnView running on WINE in Linux. Come to think of it, they’re all Windows programs […]

Dead Souls

Jun 01, 2008 - Uncategorized - 0 Comments - Standard

Made from a 2bit BW engraving from an old book with the blockwave filter from Showfoto Someone take these dreams away,That point me to another day,A duel of personalities,That stretch all true realities. That keep calling me,They keep calling me,Keep on calling me,They keep calling me. Where figures from the past stand tall,And mocking voices […]

The Crash of Color

May 27, 2008 - Uncategorized - 0 Comments - Standard

Tierazon fractal image modified with India Ink.8bf (fine black engraving lines) then uscomic.8bf (bright 4-color comic book color and colored lines). I’ve always found making artwork like this to be fun and since it’s just a hobby I’ve never really taken offense when this sort of thing has been described as “Eyecandy”. I’ve never thought […]