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The Algorithmic Circus

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TieraZon, uscomic.8bf, XnView text – all three-rings Technorati Tags: fractal art digital art tierazon algorithmic art circus balloons popcorn candy floss…

I’ve got a new filter!

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From Terry Gibbons’ The Visual Index of Science Fiction Cover Art I don’t know exactly how it works, but where there’s math… there’s fractals! Sure, the math folks will argue with me, but like all great minds, I don’t expect to be understood in this lifetime (or solar system). How does it work? Start with […]

Ashes to Ashes, Pulp to Pulp

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From Frank Wu’s collection of Frank R. Paul’s Golden Age Sci-Fi Pulp covers “The sages of Calisto were super-intelligent and had become so far advanced in the Sciences that there was nothing more for them to achieve. They had then moved on to the Arts. Rega, the sociable one who had helped me repair my […]

Painting With Power!

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“Great art picks up where nature ends.” – Marc Chagall.8bf “One small step for a fractal artist; one giant leap for Fractal Art” -Neil Armstrong.8bf “The aim of photoshop filters is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” – Aristotle.8bf “What the mass media offers is not fractal art, but entertainment which […]

Art Without an Audience

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Fyre 1.0.1 embedded parameter file When Orbit Trap was started, back in August of 2006, it had always been foremost in my mind that it would be a positive contribution to the fractal art world. What does that mean? To me it means that it would encourage the creation of exciting new artwork. “Exciting”? Exciting […]

Read-only Moon

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Technorati Tags: digital art terraform read-only moon space exploration space cadet space in my head

Looking for Arrowheads

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Made with Fyre 1.0.1. Embedded parameter file. Click, click, click, done. I read onceabout kids who would go lookingfor arrowheads I was a kidso I went looking for arrowheadsalso The arrowheadsare in the groundor just below the surface The shaft of the arrowis goneand the feathers toothe guy who shot the arrowis gonebut the stone, […]

Words in the Ice

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Algorithmic Art (art made by machines) is a lot like digital frost. I think almost every photography book has a picture of frost on a window pane. Frost is a mechanical process and is quite well understood but the imagery it produces never seems to lose it’s allure. There’s no Jack Frost or any deliberating […]

When Eyes Move in Retrograde

Jan 21, 2008 - Blockwave - 0 Comments - Standard

Retrograde. That’s not a city in Russia. It means to move backwards. Usually in reference to the path of a planet (orbit) in the night sky when viewed from Earth. The backwards movement doesn’t really occur, it just looks that way when viewed from Earth. Retrograde is an illusion. The retrograde movement of Mars for […]

Journey to Mercury

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In the spirit of Sindbad, I went on a voyage and just recently, returned. It was a digital voyage. Not really a voyage I guess, but I left where I was and out of curiosity went somewhere different and then here I am again. I journeyed to the edges of minimalist window managers and desktop […]