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star of arabia 2

Sep 27, 2007 - Uncategorized - 0 Comments - Standard

somewherein the worldthere is a cave and the eye that looks from itsees the star of arabia years have passedthe eye, unblinkinglooks from it pale, dark, written with redsees the star of arabia the wind blowsthe sand is rewrittenthe eye, unblinking there is a cavein the worldpale, dark, written with red somewhereand the eye that […]

Artists and Craftsmen

Sep 25, 2007 - Uncategorized - 0 Comments - Standard

Here’s another theory in the rough; something that I think is relevant to Fractal Art, and probably all artforms: There are “Artists” and there are “Craftsmen”. An artist is… I don’t know what an artist is, exactly. They make “Art”. What is art? It’s more of a concept, somewhat subjective in nature, but not just […]

Fractal Art isn’t Rocket Science

Sep 19, 2007 - Uncategorized - 0 Comments - Standard

The Fractal Art world is an odd place. The strange combination of technical people (mathematicians, engineers, programmers) and artsy, creative people is curious and could almost be the setting for a mystery novel. My wife once told someone at work about my fractal hobby and said they were really impressed after visiting my website that […]

Song of the Geese

Aug 28, 2007 - Uncategorized - 0 Comments - Standard

They sang radio wavesa chorus concurrenttalking sky river At night they continuedgleaming monologicradio and stereotrumpet tail space By morning it stankvideo atomic vomitrotting radio-liloquoygusting disgustingpropa-goose-ganda It’s been a while since then, and the geese have come back.Smaller and not as noticeable.Silver steel mandiblehollow horn handlecopper creel cribableganda-goose-papa Tim Hodkinson


Aug 26, 2007 - Blockwave - 0 Comments - Standard

If you’ve ever driven on a highway in a snowstorm you probably know that the best way to stay on the road is to drive with one wheel just off the edge of it. I think that’s a good technique when it comes to creative activities: stay half off the road. It’s slower, but ironically, […]

Ant Works

Aug 09, 2007 - Blockwave - 0 Comments - Standard

It’s always amazed me how careful and disciplined insects can be. One of the many wonders I saw when visiting the tropical Gulf coast of Mexico were leaf-cutter ants. Up here in Canada (Toronto), ants don’t do much except crawl around and occasionally make an anthill. Leaf cutters make Canadian ants look primitive. Although leaf-cutters […]

showFoto 0.5.0: Doorway to the 6th Dimension!

Aug 03, 2007 - Blockwave - 0 Comments - Standard

Made from the original, below, using Block Wave with default settings on a resized (enlarged) version I wonder how many of us, capable of doing so many things, would be reduced to only one single, useful, function if the people we live or work with could custom configure us? That’s the way I’ve come to […]


Jul 28, 2007 - Uncategorized - 0 Comments - Standard

The scenery of Walden is on a humble scale, and, though very beautiful, does not approach to grandeur, nor can it much concern one who has not long frequented it or lived by its shore; yet this pond is so remarkable for its depth and purity as to merit a particular description. It is a […]

A New Dark Age

Jul 14, 2007 - Uncategorized - 0 Comments - Standard

If most of the great works of art are depictions of natural things like landscapes and human forms, then shouldn’t we expect digital imagery which creates an new kind of natural thing, like fractal formulas, to have the same depth and richness and artistic potential? While there may have been some minor developments in the […]

Why I don’t use Ultra Fractal

Jun 23, 2007 - Fractals - 0 Comments - Standard

In a nutshell, it doesn’t do what Inkblot Kaos, Sterlingware, Tierazon or Xaos does. I want something that sprouts artwork after a couple of clicks. Ultra Fractal? It’s just too much work. Too many layers Too many moving parts. Too many moving parts that I have to move. My first attempt at Ultra Fractal was […]