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Colorful Desert

Jun 21, 2007 - Uncategorized - 0 Comments - Standard

Before there was only sand and the Shat al Arab. But now, plumes of color from the petro-chemical plants. From oil comes the pigments and inks of modern industry, turning the sombre land into oceans of color. The nets of the fisherman have given way to great cables of oil, shipping lanes and refinery ports. […]

I am Imbecile

Jun 14, 2007 - Fyre - 0 Comments - Standard

I’ve really come to appreciate the great contribution that programmers make to the lives of us computer users, especially the ones who give their programs away, out of what I believe is just plain goodwill, and the joy of sharing their work with others. I was working away with Fyre the other day and began […]

Mondrian on Fyre

Jun 11, 2007 - Fyre - 0 Comments - Standard

The way I’ve come to see it is that Algorithmic Art is like a sports league. Programs are the players of the sport and the authors of the programs, the programmers, are like the parents of the players. The operator of the program (artist) is the coach. The job of the coach is to figure […]

Island of Dr. Voroni

Jun 02, 2007 - Uncategorized - 0 Comments - Standard

The Anguish of Fractals I’m not sure what a Voroni diagram actually is, but I like to look at them. Honestly, it’s refreshing sometimes to work with something other than fractals. Fractals have this intense, endless quality to them that sometimes gives me vertigo. I just want to work with something simple like these “voronic” […]

Bubble Ships

May 27, 2007 - Fyre - 0 Comments - Standard

After playing around with Fyre for a week (no pun intended…), I’ve discovered that, like most creative programs (ie. they automatically make things) Fyre’s creative abilities are focussed on just a few options. You could almost say that it’s like a pyramid, where 80% of the menu options are there because they’re logical variations on […]

Fyre 1.0.1

May 23, 2007 - Fyre - 0 Comments - Standard

Alright now, before you get all excited and rush out to download this great program… it’s only for Linux. Sorry. Once again, you lose. Too bad there isn’t some emulator that will allow Linux programs to run on Windows. It looks a bit like flame fractals, like from Apophysis, but in gray scale. The more […]

Das Kafig des Dr. Caligari

May 20, 2007 - Uncategorized - 0 Comments - Standard

The cages of Dr. Caligari. No, I haven’t seen the movie. I wish I could have. I’ve wanted to see this movie for a long time, but all I’ve managed to see is some stills from it, and they look great. Anyhow, I think Dr. Caligari does something bad, and there’s a lot of shadowy […]

Portrait of the Artist

May 18, 2007 - Uncategorized - 0 Comments - Standard

…as a frothing mound of self-indulgence, rendering himself virtually blind and senseless. Technorati Tags: digital art, fractal art, portrait,

The secret home of garlic

May 13, 2007 - Uncategorized - 0 Comments - Standard

One of the most exciting experiences of my life was taking apart a plastic model kit of the Apollo Command Module built by my brother a few years previously. He must have followed the instructions perfectly because as I began to move through each of the compartments of the model (sometimes with a pair of […]

Electric Cabbage

May 12, 2007 - Uncategorized - 0 Comments - Standard

I have wanted nothing elsebut to release the machinefrom its stall I have told ityou are better than the othersfaster than the others,they paint with sticksand they talk like fools Sure, a lot of it’s junkbut there’s a thousand sidesto a sheet of digital paperand the machine is never discouraged Batting one in a millionto […]