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Space Heads

Dec 24, 2006 - Uncategorized - 0 Comments - Standard

Sasquatch, UFO’s, Bermuda Triangle, and now –Space Heads. What am I talking about? Imagine that outer space is something like the ocean: mostly empty but “infected” with life. We don’t expect to find something. We don’t expect to get a cold. But we’re not surprised when it happens. Probability says, it’s going to happen, instinct […]

Flames over Tokyo

Dec 17, 2006 - Uncategorized - 0 Comments - Standard

It’s never been my intention to talk about war and depressing stuff like that, but I like this image and all I can think of when I look at it is the B-29 fire-bombing campaign that took place over Japan in the spring of 1945. I read the diary of an allied soldier who was […]

The Varieties of Deadly Experience

Dec 08, 2006 - Uncategorized - 0 Comments - Standard

Forest of Knives I remember back during the last few years of the Vietnam war, in the early 70s, reading an article in the magazine that came with the weekend edition of the newspaper, about the various booby-traps the enemy was using against US soldiers. I was 7 or 8 at the time and living […]

Visual Encryption

Dec 02, 2006 - Uncategorized - 0 Comments - Standard

Smashing with style Digital Dynamite Filter of Frenzy Ripped-off beyond recognition and left for dead “No, your Honour; I didn’t do anything. I just took the dog for a walk until it was dead.” Together, me and the filter formed a third personality, which neither of us could talk any sense to. Art grows out […]

I stepped off on Saturn

Nov 24, 2006 - Uncategorized - 0 Comments - Standard

You know, post-processing can really mangle a decent, law-abiding fractal image and make it an almost unrecognizable, but strangely delightful, wreck. Some will never walk straight again. But when you start with an image that is almost entirely a product of the program’s filtering effect, and not quite a “fractal” image to start with, the […]

Postcards from Shangri-La

Nov 18, 2006 - Uncategorized - 0 Comments - Standard

Would you expect this from someone named “Ilyich the Toad”? Once again, I’ve dug up a new and amazing Photoshop filter and I want to share the wonder… But it’s got a dirty name. I tried renaming it, but you can’t do that with Photoshop filters. Or at least I don’t know how. But everytime […]

One more time…

Nov 06, 2006 - Uncategorized - 0 Comments - Standard

What is art? There’s an old black and white movie that spends two hours depicting a jury sitting around a table in a room, deliberating the verdict of a murder trial. Now I could also be wrong about this too, but I think it all starts when Jimmy Stewart, who’s the only one of the […]

Life is not

Nov 01, 2006 - Uncategorized - 0 Comments - Standard

Life is not for the rich and famousfor the successful applicant and the olympic fewLife is in the eye and the mind and the handIt needs no permission,or conditionsto be. We can all be like Sindbadand set off on voyages with nothing but todayWe do not need to own the oceanit is enough that we […]

“Better” than Pollock?

Oct 23, 2006 - Uncategorized - 0 Comments - Standard

Back twenty years ago in high school English class I read or studied, or something, Julius Caesar by George Bernard Shaw. Shaw, as he is called by those who are familiar with him, was something new for us high school students. We were quite familiar with Shakespeare as the school curriculum included one of his […]

The Robot’s Renaissance

Oct 15, 2006 - Uncategorized - 0 Comments - Standard

Although most labels in the art world have a number of interpretations, I define algorithmic art as artwork made with algorithms. An algorithm is a series of instructions. Usually these instructions are computer commands and algorithmic art is made with computers. But it’s the “mechanical” component that makes algorithmic art special and the machine doesn’t […]