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Yeah, I can see it.  I can see them.  Street lights, apartment buildings; a bustling city on a grain of rice.  The tail lights of cars; the gritty sidewalks and the busy people.  There’s sky too.  A bit.  The smog gives it a golden glow.  A dirty golden glow.  It’s five o’clock in the afternoon […]

Howler Stars

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Although cloud stars have only very recently been discovered, it is already apparent that there are many kinds of them. One of the most recent types added to the list are the howler variety. Howler stars received their name because of their characteristic radio frequency emission which when received on standard radio-telescope equipment resembles a […]

Candle Ships

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While still in the very early planning stages, NASA has released plans for a space ship that is powered entirely by the energy released by a single wax candle. Owing to the weightlessness of space and the complete lack of drag which slows down terrestrial aircraft, the actual energy requirements of space travel are relatively […]

Isle of the Dead

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It’s not such a great image, but I posted it because of it’s interesting similarity to Bocklin’s Isle of the Dead. Bocklin’s painting is surreal, and yet there is really nothing overtly surreal; the effect comes entirely from our mind.  Which is why I find abstract or semi-abstract works are the most expressive and powerful […]

Cloud Star

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Pictured above is an image of a recently discovered Cloud Star.  Although theoretically impossible due to their low density, the Cloud Stars are ready for display and discussion at the beta level. Early speculation has determined that these Cloud Stars are not actually stars in the normal sense as their surface temperature is relatively quite […]

Ground to Perfection

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As with all digital effects or filters, one can never go too far.  There are no rules, just common ways of doing things.  Why a digital camera program like Showfoto should have a set of distortion filters to start with suggests that it’s perfectly ordinary to do non-ordinary things when you’re working in the digital […]

The Chromosomes of Clouds!

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Image made in Kandid.  Below in simple XML format are it’s “chromosomes”.  Far out, eh?  Apparently they can be “edited”.  Which of course raises all sorts of moral and ethical issues.  Do we have the right to change the Mona Lisa’s hair and eye color?  All of a sudden, pushing buttons and turning dials became […]

Mystic Cloud of Wisdom!

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It’s just one of the many tricks that Kandid, the funky java program does.  This one was pulled from its Affine IFS Grayscale magic hat.  If you look at enough of these they start to get irritating, but sometimes they are very startling and surreal like this glowing cloud in a black sky. Here’s another […]

The Persistence of Neighbours

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I like the Dali-esque, melting clocks and propped-up bones style the image has.  This is a strangely carved, vegetable-like stucture and the scribblings in the sky up beyond it are just as cryptic and engrossing as the subject in the foreground — a potato-ey thing. Here’s another with a slightly different twist of the dials […]


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Tapestry is a form of textile art. It is woven by hand on a vertical loom. It is weft-faced weaving, in which all the warp threads are hidden in the completed work, unlike cloth weaving where both the warp and the weft threads may be visible. In this way, a colourful pattern or image is […]