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The internet is just a big computer

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…or a big book, and websites just add more pages to the book, they aren’t separate or distinct. Download parameter file diagram2.xpf Well, that’s how I think the internet works or functions. To the user, it’s just an extension to their hard drive. Technically speaking, the medium of the internet is much more complicated: backbones, […]

Achtung! Christmas is over

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But since the holidays have just started and the evening of another year is spread out against the sky… Download parameter file redsky.xpf Let’s consider the topic of Medium vs Genre. For example: The written or printed word. The medium is uh, the printed word. Words printed on paper. But the genre of the printed […]

Fractal home of Santa

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Polar Adobe Download parameter file polarhome.xpf Like all fairy tales I guess Santa is the product of many minds and a collective creation. JRR Tolkien wrote a letter to his children from Santa every Christmas. Later they were made into a book called The Father Christmas Letters. Tolkein had no trouble making up stories and […]

Cult of the Coca-Cola King

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He sees you when you’re sleeping,He knows when you’re awake,He’s off his medication,So be good for goodness sake. Download parameter file particle.xpf It’s all stuff you’ve heard before. Traditionally, Saint Nicholas and Father Christmas had a slim build and dressed more like normal people of their historical period. Then came the Coca-Cola coup d’etat. Big […]

Song of the Machine

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Who has ever raised a toast,to the lifeless apparatus?Yet so many have warmed their ears and minds,from the sounds of Spratta-tatus.-Shakespeare Download parameter file ship.loo What if machines were intended to be sculptures, and their productive functions were just part of the show? What if the purpose of a car was to produce the painstaking […]

Behold, the Fractal Camel

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You never know what your feet will pick up when you’re exploring the beanstalk. Download parameter file camel.loo It’s kinda wierd isn’t it? The combination of Middle Eastern culture with a Northern European, mid-winter celebration: Camels and Christmas trees. Good King Wenceslas never rode a camel, or probably even saw one. Holly and Frankencense: A […]

The Gorgon heads of Christmas

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It’s not enough to chop one off, you’ve got to burn the stump too. Download parameter file square04.loo Consider the approach of King Ghidorah, the three-headed monster, enemy of Godzilla. See if you can hear, ever so faintly, “Ho, ho, ho.” His triple heads twisting senselessly, they rake the houses with electric bolts. Returning, without […]

The fractals of Solomon

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The eye never has enough of seeing, nor the ear its fill of hearing-Ecclesiastes Download parameter file mesh4.loo One of the few books I read when I was younger, that I really liked, was Ray Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles. I even read the introduction and a prologue or something where Ray Bradbury explains that he […]

Chicken wire Christmas

Dec 18, 2005 - Uncategorized - 0 Comments - Standard

Ever tried pulling chicken wire out of the frozen ground? Download parameter file tree.loo It’s my turn. What is Christmas all about? Christmas is a snowball. Somewhere back in something-something B.C. northern european people made the winter solstice (Dec 21st or so) a special day. That was just the start of the snowball. Later on […]

Go forth and fly in the kingdom of light

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Shoovaloon! Great golden flash of… flashy golden… flash thing… Download parameter file pastel01.loo When I first started making fractals with Sterlingware, I used the default image size of 160×120 pixels. I thought the ideal image file size was 5k, but sometimes I would go as big as 10k if the image had a lot of […]