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Needlepoint fractals

Nov 04, 2005 - Uncategorized - 0 Comments - Standard

Long before electronic computing, Grandma Mandelbrot made this simple needlepoint image. Download parameter file needlepoint.xpf Pillows, quilts, tea-cosies and table cloths: everything in the old homestead was decorated with her unique designs. Book covers; curtains; table napkins; shirt collars: she was quite a prolific needlepointer. Dresses; gloves; winter coats; canvas shoes; horse blankets; socks; bed […]

Brave New Fractal World

Nov 03, 2005 - Uncategorized - 0 Comments - Standard

“Fractals make the Sistine Chapel look like cave paintings” -Walter Merton, World Museum of Art Download parameter file image_8.loo Just what could the future look like if serious and hardworking artists discover the creative power of fractals? In the year 2025, not too long from now, fractal imagery is everywhere. The restoration of great masterpieces, […]

Color Town

Nov 02, 2005 - Uncategorized - 0 Comments - Standard

I just can’t get over the goldmine of color that’s been liberated by the orbit counting render methods. Until this happened, I’d come to accept the earthy and subtle colors of Sterlingware as just one of the characteristics of the program. Download parameter file color01a.loo It’s truly a program that can produce a great range […]

Take off your shoes, worm!

Nov 01, 2005 - Uncategorized - 0 Comments - Standard

And grovel before the King of Sterlingware. Download parameter file keepontruckin.loo I’m joking, ha ha, keep your shoes on. But I just can’t get over having all this blogging power at my fingertips. And for free too. I remember reading a book about the difficulties of getting a book published. It was really depressing how […]

Fractum Bookmarkum

Oct 31, 2005 - Uncategorized - 0 Comments - Standard

I love Latin. Not the real thing, just the style and sound. Everything just sounds more important and serious. Download parameter file book01.loo How about Carpe Diem? Wow, eh. Why not Carpe Fractum? “Sieze the Fractals” And here’s one for the professional sales folks, Carpe Dinero: Seize the Cash. The motto of my university was, […]

Dance of the Microbe

Oct 30, 2005 - Uncategorized - 0 Comments - Standard

I’m fascinated with these mini-sputniks. They also have some strange technical characteristics. Download parameter file swimmer07.loo For instance: they look good with color numbers 1-12 which is unusual as most Sterlingware images only work well with 13-26, which generally have few saturated colors. As a result there’s a greater range of color options for these […]

Behold, the Sugar People

Oct 29, 2005 - Uncategorized - 0 Comments - Standard

More orbit counting creatures, harmlessly shot with the camera and still living at large. Look at the color. Doing the RGB scrabble game (GBR-RBG-BGR…) produces some fine alternatives too in this image. Download parameter file swimmer01.loo There’s a famous abstract artist whose works are stored forever in my mind, but whose name I can’t remember […]

Fractal Spider and the Gymnastic Children

Oct 28, 2005 - Uncategorized - 0 Comments - Standard

The orbit-counting render methods from Sterlingware can be frustrating to work with, but once you find a half decent color setting, there’s a harvest of squiggly creatures waiting for you. Download parameter file spider01.loo They have an interesting water color look to them. This is because most color settings are too strong for the orbits […]

Could people be fooled by fractals?

Oct 27, 2005 - Fractals - 0 Comments - Standard

I’m not saying that my fractals belong in the Louvre or anything, but from time to time I come across fractal images that remind me of stuff I’ve seen in artbooks or galleries. Download parameter file brain02.loo I wrote about this and gave examples in my previous, short-lived blogs. Examples aren’t really needed and the […]

Robinson Crusoe on Mars

Oct 26, 2005 - Uncategorized - 0 Comments - Standard

Don’t be ashamed if you haven’t seen it. You can probably figure out the whole movie from the title. Download parameter file sinetrap01.loo There’s a special appearance by some famous spacecraft half way through the movie. They used the same spaceships from War of the Worlds, but turned them upside down. There are other examples […]