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Another Clickism success story. I used multicrystal to sierpinski-ize and smear a fractal sideways.  I then India Inked it using the large scale wave pattern.  Either before or after that I believe (from looking at the image) I used a coloring filter called Ink Rubber by Martijn W. van der Lee made in 1997 to […]

Not the Usual Trash

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    Mondriana Far out, eh?  It’s like those Mondrian colored window paintings except with a strange new twist and curve to them. I did some serious thinking about why everything I was making in Fyre was looking like a pile of curtains with a few rolled up pieces of paper tossed on top.  The answer, […]

The Secret of the Treason

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XI. But when the Counts of Castille saw how Rodrigo increased day by day in honour, they took counsel together that they should plot with the Moors, and fix a day of battle with them on the day of the Holy Cross in May, and that they should invite Rodrigo to this battle, and contrive […]

Cupboards and Clouds

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The mind consistsof cupboards and clouds If your thoughts contain a dooryou’re in a cupboardwith handles and hinges and a nice coat of paintthat’s okay Clouds can be hugebut usually they’re notA dream, a memorythose are the golden cloudsAnother dream, another memorythose are the other cloudsdarker, palereither way you know what they are It’s good […]

The Day the Land Came Together

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I rememberthe day the land came together There was a scroll for everythingthe sky, the rocks and the sea The scrolls were readand the land came together He read the sky scrolland then dropped down through the skyHe read the Earth scrolland then dropped down to the Earth Then he walked around and everywhere he […]

All these things appeared as nothing

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III. At this time it came to pass that there was strife between Count Don Gomez the Lord of Gormaz, and Diego Laynez the father of Rodrigo; and the Count insulted Diego and gave him a blow. Now Diego was a man in years, and his strength had passed from him, so that he could […]

The Chronicle of The Cid

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II. In those days arose Rodrigo of Bivar who was a youth strong in arms and of good customs; and the people rejoiced in him, for he bestirred himself to protect the land from the Moors. Now it behoves that ye should know whence he came, and from what men he was descended, because we […]

Beware… The Overlords!

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Actually, we’re all safe.  I don’t think they’ll bother too many of us.  They’ve come to Earth in search of fresh brains to power their empire.  Most of us will just get slapped with a Defective tag and sent home. Which brings me to something else: we need new frontiers in the Sci-fi/Weird Tales department […]

Glistening Cave of Justice

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Grasshopper, do you still doubt the power of Clickism?  Are you not convinced that strange new wonders can come from the diligent application of photoshop filters? Consider this, then. The above diagram was the original image which I started with which eventually became the black and white image at the top — all from clicking. […]

Winter Arrives on the Golden Land

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Although it’s completely accidental, these images made in InkBlot Kaos and filtered with India Ink.8bf create in my mind a vivid image of Winter and it’s effect on human activity. Winter, like the tornado-armed amorphous monster in the picture, chases everything either indoors or underground.  Subsequently, as we see in the golden, glowing subterranean depths […]