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Algorithmic: Drawing by design

Mar 03, 2006 - Uncategorized - 0 Comments - Standard

Download parameter file wrk26.loo The machine, unthinking but teachable, an idiot savant that never tires of carrying out our instructions, makes an excellent artistic tool. The help of my electronic Igor means I merely adjust parameters, watch the results unfold, and then wander through the newborn panorama photographing whatever has interest. Download parameter file sewsaw01.loo […]

Two bit color

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The digital silhouette Download parameter file zipper03.loo There aren’t too many people who would want to download a fractal program that rendered fractals in black and white. Not these days, that is. Back a while, any fractal image was exciting. Then it was anything with color. Now it has to be true color or even […]

Fractal Falls

Feb 27, 2006 - Uncategorized - 0 Comments - Standard

Twister Weed + Sine Trap 4 = Seriously twisted fractals. Download parameter file shaver46d.loo Like an explorer sighting land in uncharted waters, there’s a real thrill in discovering new fractal territory. That is, new fractal territory that looks appealing. There’s plenty of formulas and rendering methods, but only a few pay off. In Sterlingware, I’ve […]

Excuse me,

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but I’d like to do something Modern for a moment Download parameter file label03.loo Ironically, the answer to the question, “What are fractals?” has a fractal quality itself. Fractals are many things, and as such the answer to the question is really determined by how closely you want to look. Download parameter file label01.loo For […]


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The sacred images of Fuludu! (“foo-loo-doo”) Download parameter file fuludu01.loo Prepare! For the inconsequences of Fuludu! Action! Toward the inescapable conclusions of Fuludu! Cling to power! Rage against the enemies of Fuludu! Subvert! The evil schemes against Fuludu! Run and tumble! Before the crashing rage of Fuludu! Our weapons are useless! Against the power of […]


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Where cartoons are made. Download parameter file egypt02.loo Have you heard about the recent discovery of a tomb in the Valley of the Kings? Even my 7 year old son was excited. Does he understand what three and a half thousand years is? I really don’t think so, but even still he’s intensely curious about […]

The big picture

Feb 17, 2006 - Uncategorized - 0 Comments - Standard

Every now and then I accidently zoom-out. Download parameter file zoom.loo When I was little, I remember contemplating the fact that the moon, which I knew was very large, could be blotted out entirely by my hand. Later on, probably the teen-aged years, I realized that small things look big when you’re right up close […]

Fractal Guthrie

Feb 15, 2006 - Uncategorized - 0 Comments - Standard

Ever thought of running wild with the buffalo? Download parameter file notation01.loo Come on, sing with me… This land is your landThis land is my land,Get off my landGet back on your land,From CaliforniaTo the New York islands,This land was made for only me Woody Guthrie never sang it like that, but he sure had […]

The private club of winter

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Most people think it’s just not their place. Download parameter file petal.xpf If you live down south or in the tropics, try to imagine a forest in a freezer. Up here where the snow falls, I get the feeling that most people really don’t like winter and consider it a worthless time of the year. […]

The plastic dream of outer space

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Why does space no longer look inviting? Download parameter file spacestation01.loo Is it because we no longer believe in cosmic Treasure Islands? Now we know that Jupiter is just big and full of nothing. Pluto may even be down-graded from planet status. That makes it an asteroid. An asteroid is a fancy word for a […]