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What could be appealing about a simple sine curve? Download parameter file trianglevine.loo That’s one of the mysteries of algorithmic imagery: just a few parameters can produce a world of possibilities. When I first saw these sawtooth, bicycle chain, sailboat pennants, I thought they had a nice look but were too simple to have any […]

The many faces of Cuttlefish

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Each theater has it’s own style. Download parameter file cuttlefish01.loo Try an encyclopedia. You’ll see a line drawing or maybe a color photo of some ray-like creature in a sea of words. National Geographic magazine portrays them differently. They move gracefully and even shimmer in the underwater, full-page, flash photography. Dried up like leather and […]

Jurassic Fractal

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New fossil discoveries shed light on fractal origins. Download parameter file skeleton01.loo I think it’s a backbone, but the curved, clawlike bones suggest something with more flexibility, like maybe a wing. Maybe I need a vacation, or therapy, but I find these bone-like structures interesting, especially here where they have this structured arrangement. This is […]


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They want so badly just to sing. Download parameter file strings01.loo I read something about an abstract artist called Kandinsky who contemplated the similarities between musical and visual art. Some of this is sure to be wrong, but I think he felt that abstract art could be just as expressive as music since, if you […]

Amazing Wonders

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When you’re the only one on board, you’re the captain. It started off as a photo of a glacier, although that might not be obvious. Original Photo This is the type of image that I find interesting. It challenges me. It compels me to ask, “Will I come to my senses and delete all this […]

Convergence of Art

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Could music, writing, visual art and every other creative activity be different parts of a single thing? Download parameter file double.xpf I can see all artforms coming together, converging into some all-inclusive sphere of creativity. Inside, one single artistic, creative essence spreads out from the center of the sphere. Manifesting itself as poetry, and at […]

Ville de Colour

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That’s funky-talk for Color Town. I came to a real road-block in colorizing photos. I used to do this a lot, but now it just wasn’t working. I did something very cerebral and mature, for a change: I went back and looked at the good ones and asked, “Why did it work?” Naturally, at first, […]

In search of…

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Fire Snails from Alpha Centauri. Download parameter file fountain01.loo Perhaps you know something about coral, or even sea snails, but I’ll bet you’ve never even heard about sea slugs. Some are quite big, and they are of course fleshy and unprotected as they lack a shell just like regular slugs. What was I talking about? […]

Something completely different

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Photographic post-processing Hey, you can’t get excited about fractals and not have some interest in other art stuff. I like tinting old photos in my graphics program. I don’t actually tint them by hand or anything. I experiment with various filters and effects until something good happens. If not, I move on to another. Original […]

Familiar places

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Coastlines are different, but water is the same. Download parameter file coastal.xpf I was at a lakeside park here in Toronto once. The lake was big, you couldn’t see the other shore. I saw people standing and staring out into the lake. There’s not much out there, the occasional boat, and like I said, you […]