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I saw the alphabet singing

Dec 15, 2005 - Uncategorized - 0 Comments - Standard

Flying forth from the cosmic chalkboard. Download parameter file music.loo Every once in a while I stumble on a nice piece of readymade art and feel a little ashamed, like some artistic conquistador, to claim it as my own. But hey, that’s maritime law, fractal salvage. Back in high school art class, we had to […]

Raytracing with Sterlingware

Dec 15, 2005 - Uncategorized - 0 Comments - Standard

Get real, it’s just a fractal program. Download parameter file rayotron.loo I like the textured, canvas look that these images have. Makes me feel like I’m a real painter and not just some jerk with a computer. I upped the individual color values on the color dialog which has the same effect as upping the […]


Dec 13, 2005 - Uncategorized - 0 Comments - Standard

The dancing star of sugarland Download parameter file spritzle.loo See the joyful network of his little friends, holding hands and jostling about with tiny hops of happiness? Let’s see, how can I balance this fruity vision with a much needed dose of the sour macabe… Slaves of Santa. The first title in a series of […]

One step beyond

Dec 12, 2005 - Uncategorized - 0 Comments - Standard

Every day I am bombarded by email from my readers. Lately, they all say the same thing: “Give us something Christmassy and sweet to look at, or we’ll kill you.” Download parameter file letters06.loo Here it is, fresh from Santa’s hard drive. This is my first attempt at faking the layering thing, which, as I’ve […]

The Cauliflower that Killed

Dec 12, 2005 - Uncategorized - 0 Comments - Standard

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the produce section… Download parameter file cauliflower.xpf Do you ever wonder about poisonous plants? There’s so many of them. They may have beautiful flowers or exotic markings, attract all sorts of creatures with an alluring fragrance, and then poison them. The toxins are very […]

A few of my favorite things

Dec 10, 2005 - Uncategorized - 0 Comments - Standard

Sing with me… “Broken up bottles, shattered and fractured.Ancient old photos, creased, torn and fissured.Words without meaning arranged in a string.These are a few of my favorite things.” Download parameter file rock.xpf Everyone’s seen the Sound of Music, haven’t they? I’m sick of it. I’ve seen it so many times that last time I actually […]


Dec 09, 2005 - Uncategorized - 0 Comments - Standard

Or maybe, Green Finger Feet. Download parameter file claws.xpf It’s funny the things you stumble on when you’re experimenting with a fractal program. The fractal machine forces us to consider things we would never have imagined. Doesn’t a painter or traditional artist at least have some idea what they’re going to paint? Is the painting […]

Words and pictures

Dec 08, 2005 - Uncategorized - 0 Comments - Standard

Pictures can tell a story and words can be nice to look at. Download parameter file super.xpf Quite often they compliment each other. At the very least, if one of them is weak, their combined effect makes it less noticeable. Sometimes a block of writing beside a picture of something is a nice design element. […]

Fractal Coil of Terror

Dec 07, 2005 - Uncategorized - 0 Comments - Standard

Sinister coil of doom. Mysterious coil of fear. Evil cable of horror. Download parameter file wonder.xpf Mutant coil of insufferable devastation. Atomic circle-ray of pain. Iterated cable of non-linear horror. Silver slithering telephone extension of disaster. Marauding ringlet of incomprensible fear. Extraterrestrial DNA of terror. Four-footed electophone of needless torture. Coiling, looping Yeti-tail of despondency. […]

A word about Eyecandy

Dec 06, 2005 - Uncategorized - 0 Comments - Standard

“C’mon Pinocchio, stop trying to express profound thoughts with art and come join the circus with us!” Download parameter file patina03.loo I never thought Sir Sterlingware would produce such a sugary lollipop as this, but here it is. I can still remember shifting the last slider on the color controls that brought this crunchy confectionary […]