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Torn off, stuck on, tucked away. Framed by fingerprints. Legless, armless, torso of words. Stone among the ashes. Download parameter file twohead.xpf Home of the Two-Headed Mandelbrot: A subtitle I considered using for my blog. This one really shows how easy it is to make good stuff with Xaos. Recipe: Biomorphs in-coloring, squares out-coloring, edge […]

If you kick a fractal hard enough…

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It swells up like a puffer fish and crackles with electrified rage. Download parameter file soccer.xpf So, only kick them once. The second time you’ll get zapped. Reminds me of the time I was bitten by a golden-haired ant in Mexico. I was doing my regular rounds of collecting water samples from the four sites […]

Fractal Morrisseau

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Swimming to Mars Download parameter file mars01.loo For years a colorful painting of a fish hung on the wall in my parent’s dining room. I grew up with this mysterious creature with colorful x-ray organs watching every meal. I forget how they came to own it. My dad, one of the few doctors in the […]

Glowing pyramid of power

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Crashing surf of cosmic rays. Electro-frying crackling haze. Pounding pulsar shaking wave. It’s full of stars, says Dave. Download parameter file pyramid.xpf I don’t know if you’ve seen the garbage remake or sequel to 2001: A Space Odyssey. 2010, I think it is. There’s nothing good about the movie. Although, I should be careful, I […]

Crinkle Lips throws a party

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He’s an idiot, but his friends are just as stupid. Download parameter file color03.loo There’s something comical about these images. The twitching, whip-like arms and goofy bodies. Crinkle Lips is the big one in the middle. The ones above him have arrived together in the same raindrop which accidently splashed down on his head. They […]

Freezin’ Fractals

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Out of the south comes the whirlwind: and cold out of the north Download parameter file whirlwind.xpf Once again, a fractal that owes its interest entirely to the randomly generated palette. A subtle change to the palette created the contrasting areas of dark and light. Perhaps “fractals” is a misleading name for these sorts of […]

Attack of the Sky Spiders

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…from outer space. Imagine the horrible things that could happen. Think of the horrible things that have happened. Were they unimaginable? Download parameter file 500_tidepool05.loo Endless poisonous insects dropping from the sky. I can imagine that. Don’t unexplainable things happen all the time? William Wordsworth once said that any reasonably developed technology was indistinguishable from […]

The cave-paintings of our time

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Left on the walls of primitive dwellings. Anonymous, mysterious, depicting scenes of ancient slaughter. Download parameter file xmas04b.loo Hey, if you guessed, “What is Fractal Art?” you win! Truly, these are the cave-paintings of our time. I’m joking, of course. But just think: what if the only “artwork” to survive the coming nuclear destruction and […]

They came, they saw, they squeaked

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World domination just wasn’t a realistic goal for the squiggle people. Download parameter file squeaked01.loo Sure, the entire voyage had been financed on conquering new lands. But the frenzy of excitement at the first sight of land… Weeks later they were still running down the beach and tasting every new fruit they found. The ship’s […]

I like Christmas junk

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Imagine an ICBM silo. Imagine a Christmas tree. Now, with your mental graphics program, start to morph them together and stop half way. Download parameter file xmas01.loo Well, you don’t get this image, although it has a Christmassy look to it also. I saw this cheesy, singing, 8-inch, ornamental Christmas tree for sale. You press […]