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Among Other Marvellous Things

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Among other marvellous thingsare the air-plankton Growing this waythey can go on foreverfiber-light, solar-threadfilament skies Radia, SeptuaAn ancient name for everything Sunshine is an appleand it’s coreis a plankton thing Image Notes: Made in Tierazon.  Here’s a parameter file for the first one.  The rest are just variations.

Where the Green Ants Scream

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  An Inkblot Kaos fractal processed in Ilyich the Toad’s Multicrystal (lens distortion) filter and the ever-popular India Ink filter by Flaming Pear. Perhaps because of my Geography studies in university, I tend to see geographical themes in many of the things I make.  This one looks like a cutaway of a soil profile with […]


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The solar windthe stream of charged particlesbillowing away from the Sunis at its weakest for 50 years extends billions of kilometres into space. the far-distant Voyager spacecraftlaunched in the 1970snow bearing downon the edge of the heliospherethe great “bubble” cross over into interstellar spacethat region consideredto be “between the stars” 11-year cycle of activity Calmer […]

The Bayeux Tapestry of our Times

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Look closely, and you’ll see numerous details from a battle of great historical importance that occurred, or perhaps is going to occur, in a parallel dimension. I made this with the blockwave filter from Digikam’s Showfoto, a digital photo enhancing program for KDE in Linux.  It might be available for Windows as I believe the […]

That Wonderful, Chopped Up Satellite Photograph Look

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This above is a composite image of several hundred satellite photographs taken of the surface of Mars.  Actually it’s the fractal image just below, processed in the on board slicer filter in XnView.  The fractal, from Sterlingware (parameter file link below it) has a nice color scheme but just didn’t seem to be interesting enough […]

Art from pushing buttons and turning dials

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icecap03a.loo That’s what it’s all about here. That’s all I really do, and these images are (with the exception of whatever skill it takes to compose or frame-up and image) the results of those simple actions. It’s as much discovery as experimentation or invention; often radical settings of the “buttons and dials” produce amazing results, […]

An Eniwetok Atoll of the Mind

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icecap02.loo In Mandelbrot’s greatest scenes we seem to seethat stunning moment in whichmathematics becamefissionable They pour upon the monitordice roll symphoniesparameter poweredplutonium geraniumsperfect in dirtless reality I have seen the brightest minds of my generationmouse-click crawlingdown the spiral streets at dawnlooking for that heavenlysomething that isn’t self-similar The spiral twists and tricksus into twisting along […]

The Big, the Small and the Distorted

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        I made the first image after tweaking a Sterlingware “Twister Weed Falls” image. First with a coloring filter, and then shifting the hue just 6 points (6/265) in the graphics program to produce something that was even better. After that, I went to the thumbnail view of the directory in order […]

Small Colorful Things

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  Is there such a thing as Higher Art? Is there such a thing as Lower Art? Does an “expert” evaluation of an artwork, or an entire art form in general, mean anything beyond simply being one person’s vote for or against a type of art? Are there standards by which artwork can be measured […]


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  It’s odd how simple algorithms can be tweaked and twisted into producing complex images. That’s what makes algorithmic creativity so exciting — you never know what you will discover and how effortless — or how much fun — it will be. (If you have Fyre, you can open up any of these four images […]