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Words in the Ice

Jan 23, 2008 - Blockwave - 0 Comments - Standard

Algorithmic Art (art made by machines) is a lot like digital frost. I think almost every photography book has a picture of frost on a window pane. Frost is a mechanical process and is quite well understood but the imagery it produces never seems to lose it’s allure. There’s no Jack Frost or any deliberating […]

When Eyes Move in Retrograde

Jan 21, 2008 - Blockwave - 0 Comments - Standard

Retrograde. That’s not a city in Russia. It means to move backwards. Usually in reference to the path of a planet (orbit) in the night sky when viewed from Earth. The backwards movement doesn’t really occur, it just looks that way when viewed from Earth. Retrograde is an illusion. The retrograde movement of Mars for […]

Spider Writing

Nov 10, 2007 - Blockwave - 0 Comments - Standard

Block-waving is all about lines. If there’s no lines, then you just end up with a pile of block-waved mush. I was looking through an old book on my computer. It was a series of scanned, tiff images. I noticed the fine lines in the black and white engravings and instantly opened it up in […]

Stone of Mystery!

Oct 22, 2007 - Blockwave - 0 Comments - Standard

Look at it. Stare into it. Learn it’s mysteries –if you dare! Stop! Stop!Your mind is in its icy grip!Run, you fool!The Stone of Mystery will DESTROY YOU!!!Your puny brain can not survive its thunderous torrent of KNOWLEDGE!!!(sung to the tune of, “Here Comes Santa Claus”) Could this be the innocent precursor of… The Stone […]


Oct 16, 2007 - Blockwave - 0 Comments - Standard

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Aug 26, 2007 - Blockwave - 0 Comments - Standard

If you’ve ever driven on a highway in a snowstorm you probably know that the best way to stay on the road is to drive with one wheel just off the edge of it. I think that’s a good technique when it comes to creative activities: stay half off the road. It’s slower, but ironically, […]

Ant Works

Aug 09, 2007 - Blockwave - 0 Comments - Standard

It’s always amazed me how careful and disciplined insects can be. One of the many wonders I saw when visiting the tropical Gulf coast of Mexico were leaf-cutter ants. Up here in Canada (Toronto), ants don’t do much except crawl around and occasionally make an anthill. Leaf cutters make Canadian ants look primitive. Although leaf-cutters […]

showFoto 0.5.0: Doorway to the 6th Dimension!

Aug 03, 2007 - Blockwave - 0 Comments - Standard

Made from the original, below, using Block Wave with default settings on a resized (enlarged) version I wonder how many of us, capable of doing so many things, would be reduced to only one single, useful, function if the people we live or work with could custom configure us? That’s the way I’ve come to […]