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Journey to the center of the machine

Apr 04, 2017 - Cellular Automata - 0 Comments - Standard

These images were made with George Maydwell’s cellular automata java applets that used to be posted at which now seems to be gone.  George’s applets took ca to a whole new level.  If you want to see some examples, here’s a posting I wrote years ago on Orbittrap:’s Modern CA –Animation Wonderland! But […]

Painting with power

Jan 27, 2017 - Cellular Automata - 0 Comments - Standard

  I often like to quote things that have never been said before.  The “quote style” of writing has a whole new feel to it and instantly transforms an otherwise common place statement into the realm of the legendary.  In the same way I’ve often wanted to take images like the one above and make […]