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Apr 26, 2008 - Fyre - 0 Comments - Standard

It is possible, if one peels back enough layers, to find the memory of the wall; how the wall once appeared in the human mind. It is almost always quite different than the wall you think you are looking at today. It’s darker, a little dim to see — and quieter. All other layers contain […]

Geomo de la Fyre

Apr 21, 2008 - Fyre - 0 Comments - Standard

Fyre embedded parameter file Lately I’ve begun to seriously question whether using the term, “abstract” to describe any piece of artwork can be realistically used. I think the term abstract is itself an abstraction and is hopelessly inseparable from the world of realistic forms and imagery. I think abstract is another way of depicting reality, […]

The Inner Workings of Walls

Apr 18, 2008 - Fyre - 0 Comments - Standard

Fyre 1.0.1 embedded parameter file Most have never looked beneath the surface of a wall, or even considered doing such a thing. A wall is not seen as an object of substance, and therefore not thought of as having depth, or in this case — inner workings. What walls do, cannot be explained merely on […]

Art Without an Audience

Feb 12, 2008 - Fyre - 0 Comments - Standard

Fyre 1.0.1 embedded parameter file When Orbit Trap was started, back in August of 2006, it had always been foremost in my mind that it would be a positive contribution to the fractal art world. What does that mean? To me it means that it would encourage the creation of exciting new artwork. “Exciting”? Exciting […]

Looking for Arrowheads

Feb 01, 2008 - Fyre - 0 Comments - Standard

Made with Fyre 1.0.1. Embedded parameter file. Click, click, click, done. I read onceabout kids who would go lookingfor arrowheads I was a kidso I went looking for arrowheadsalso The arrowheadsare in the groundor just below the surface The shaft of the arrowis goneand the feathers toothe guy who shot the arrowis gonebut the stone, […]

Planes, Birds and Fish

Jan 04, 2008 - Fyre - 0 Comments - Standard

Back in the early 90’s, I went through a 3 year phase when I wanted to become an airplane pilot. In addition to taking flight training in Ontario, Canada (where I live) I also “studied” in Phoenix, Arizona and Hoxie, Kansas where I took some cropdusting lessons. During this time I became acquainted with some […]

Lookin’ Great in Two Thousand and Eight

Dec 30, 2007 - Fyre - 0 Comments - Standard

It’s amazing how those two words, “Great” and “Eight” with such very different spellings can actually rhyme. And that’s the way it often is with webpage designs; it’s amazing what looks good together once you actually try it. The Silent Star Award Sometimes you have to see an example before you get inspired. For my […]

Desert Roads and Mountain Lakes

Dec 14, 2007 - Fyre - 0 Comments - Standard

Desert Roads Back several month ago, I posted about a program called Fyre. As is often the case with new programs and new forms of algorithmic art, I quickly reached what I thought were its creative limits. A recent comment on my blog asking for information on how the images from Fyre are made, re-kindled […]

I am Imbecile

Jun 14, 2007 - Fyre - 0 Comments - Standard

I’ve really come to appreciate the great contribution that programmers make to the lives of us computer users, especially the ones who give their programs away, out of what I believe is just plain goodwill, and the joy of sharing their work with others. I was working away with Fyre the other day and began […]

Mondrian on Fyre

Jun 11, 2007 - Fyre - 0 Comments - Standard

The way I’ve come to see it is that Algorithmic Art is like a sports league. Programs are the players of the sport and the authors of the programs, the programmers, are like the parents of the players. The operator of the program (artist) is the coach. The job of the coach is to figure […]