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The Arabian Nights

Apr 14, 2008 - Fractals - 0 Comments - Standard

Sterli18.loo Just like fractals, there is a special allure to the stories of The Arabian Nights. And also like fractals, I think that special quality that makes them attractive comes from their unique origin: fractals springing from a strange new area of mathematics; and The Arabian Nights, from the Middle East. I’m not even a […]

Why I don’t use Ultra Fractal

Jun 23, 2007 - Fractals - 0 Comments - Standard

In a nutshell, it doesn’t do what Inkblot Kaos, Sterlingware, Tierazon or Xaos does. I want something that sprouts artwork after a couple of clicks. Ultra Fractal? It’s just too much work. Too many layers Too many moving parts. Too many moving parts that I have to move. My first attempt at Ultra Fractal was […]


Jul 19, 2006 - Fractals - 0 Comments - Standard

Download parameter file “” ((c^2)-z)*(c^(z/.034))^c From such simple seeds the image grows. I can’t help but think of Sindbad and the rest of the Arabian Nights stories. Maybe it’s the tent-like arches. Maybe its the carved, honeycombed cielings. I think of centipedes when I look at the fan-like fingery things. Ragged claws… silent seas… Download […]


Jul 10, 2006 - Fractals - 0 Comments - Standard

Download parameter file “” Or call it a fractal generator. What is a fractal anyway? It’s something you look at. Download parameter file “” The math is interesting, but how often do you see a fractal formula with a frame around it? Fractals are the fireworks of math. Just for show. Download parameter file “” […]

Brown Paper Fractals

Jun 08, 2006 - Fractals - 0 Comments - Standard

Download parameter file “” Doesn’t it make them even more incredible, that they were painted on such cheap material; built on such humble foundations, as brown paper? Download parameter file “” I’ve often wondered what fractal art would be like today if it had been introduced differently. Download parameter file “” What if the first […]

Fractal Stiltskin

May 31, 2006 - Fractals - 0 Comments - Standard

Download parameter file “” I failed grade 11 Math, but I did alright in the other stuff. It’s funny because fractal formulas seem to be more about the other stuff than Math. The trigonometry means nothing. Give the program a poem and it draws a picture. Download parameter file “” They’ve always wanted to do […]

Victorian Florian Fractals

May 19, 2006 - Fractals - 0 Comments - Standard

Download parameter file “” For those of you who have just joined us, the blog is now anchored off Inkblot Kaos Island. Old maps and rumours brought me here. As Long John Silver often said, “You’ll only find dirt, diggin’ where others have dug!” Which for me raises a question, “Why after all these years, […]

Fractal Orbits

May 05, 2006 - Fractals - 0 Comments - Standard

Once in a while I like to walk up a tall hillside, sit down and reflect on what I see. Download parameter file “orange01.zar” Something that has puzzled me lately is the fractal art contest with Benoit Mandelbrot in Spain. It’s a great thing for the genre of Fractal Art, but it just isn’t my […]

Fractal Oddities

Apr 28, 2006 - Fractals - 0 Comments - Standard

I’m not talking people. I mean the sort of, “Oh, isn’t that interesting” type of image that otherwise might just get deleted. Clouds can look like animals and a fractal can look like…. Download parameter file “chairface01.zar” …a chair. You’ve probably already looked at the next picture and are reading this afterwards. That’s what I […]


Apr 19, 2006 - Fractals - 0 Comments - Standard

Download parameter file “sudz01.zar” Think of it as fractal froth. Something skimmed off and tossed. adj. 1. of no direct relevance; a by-product of mathematical calculation; a far-out domain, eg.(OE) “let’s go to sudzy-ville”. In Xaos, the Barnsley formulas when done in Mandelbrot mode using squares in-coloring and the edge detection filter, would produce this […]