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Apr 02, 2008 - Crumblescape, Photoshop Filters - 0 Comments - Standard

All text from The Fall of the House of Usher (1839) by Edgar Allan Poe (in case you thought I wrote it…) Recipe for Crumblescape-Take any image, process 7 or so times with multicrystal.8bf (by Illyich the Toad)-Process with Extractor 1 (Mario Klingemann, VM Toolbox), adjusting for optimal effectVariation: use Mirror, Mirror (by Alfredo Mateus) […]

I’ve got a new filter!

Feb 24, 2008 - Photoshop Filters - 0 Comments - Standard

From Terry Gibbons’ The Visual Index of Science Fiction Cover Art I don’t know exactly how it works, but where there’s math… there’s fractals! Sure, the math folks will argue with me, but like all great minds, I don’t expect to be understood in this lifetime (or solar system). How does it work? Start with […]

Painting With Power!

Feb 15, 2008 - Photoshop Filters - 0 Comments - Standard

“Great art picks up where nature ends.” – Marc Chagall.8bf “One small step for a fractal artist; one giant leap for Fractal Art” -Neil Armstrong.8bf “The aim of photoshop filters is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” – Aristotle.8bf “What the mass media offers is not fractal art, but entertainment which […]

Click-ism: a Manifesto

Oct 12, 2007 - Photoshop Filters - 0 Comments - Standard

I’ve been reading a book about various “-isms” in the art world. Eagerly wanting to follow in the footsteps of those great, outspoken artists of the past and to contribute something new and personal to the exciting pursuit of labels and the ever teetering tower of human achievements, I propose… Clickism. First rule is: Mouse […]

I am become Klimt!

Mar 25, 2007 - Photoshop Filters - 0 Comments - Standard

When Robert Oppenheimer witnessed the first nuclear explosion, a project which he personally managed, he apparently said, “I am become Death, the destoyer of worlds”. When I first tried out this photoshop filter, I said, along the same lines, “I am become Klimt”. I didn’t say it out loud, just like Oppenheimer, I suppose, didn’t […]

The Persistence of Sierpinski

Mar 14, 2007 - Photoshop Filters - 0 Comments - Standard

The smaller you look, the larger you see. There are two modes I apply when working with fractals or graphic software in general. One is to keep a close eye on what does what, and when I find a good combination of effects, write down the sequence like a script: scripting mode. In fact, in […]

Coaches and Artists

Feb 07, 2007 - Photoshop Filters - 0 Comments - Standard

I dislike the “artist” label. Maybe it dislikes me, too. Original from Tierazon 2.7 To me, the word, “artist” conjures up the image of someone who works hard and approaches their “work” with discipline and dedication. They are the subject of biographies and documentaries; art emanates from them. That doesn’t describe me. I’m more of […]

India Ink-194.8bf

Oct 02, 2006 - Photoshop Filters - 0 Comments - Standard

Download parameter file “” I’ve found a new toy. It makes everything look like it was ripped out of an old book, so to speak. Costs money. $15 US. Fully functional demo download. Just like uscomic.8bf, it often takes uninteresting images and transforms them, lifting them to higher quanta. People like me need all the […]


Aug 28, 2006 - Photoshop Filters - 0 Comments - Standard

I’ve been spending alot of time in my garbage can lately. Never before has it been such a delight to retieve stuff I thought was worthless, even the things stuck to the bottom of the can. I feed them into the uscomic.8bf machine and out comes instant Strange Tales and Journey into Mystery 1960’s vintage […]

Ancient life of cities

Feb 01, 2006 - Photoshop Filters - 0 Comments - Standard

Modern skins for old programs. In electric caves and synthetic clothes, our hearts beat like Cain’s. Unfamiliar with the sun and the wind, blind without our glasses, we hunt as well as Esau. Jacob lived in a tent and raised sheep, but he’s still the kind of executive companies want. Abel is here too. His […]