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Physician, Know thy Applantus!

(Image Above) A Sterlingware fractal India Ink.8bf-ed with the Queen color setting and the Xor pattern at 4x. (What better illustration to senseless utterances than a concert hall?)

I love senseless statements. Especially when they have that special air of antiquity or authority.

Is it a shallow thing? Marcel Duchamp wrote on one of his Dadaist “artworks”, “Why Sneeze Rose Selazny?”. I think he was engaging in this same sort of thing.

These senseless things are (ironically) a satire on the art of profound statements or quotations. What does it mean when I quote something meaningless? I think what it means is not much less than many of the rich proverbs and cliches people like to repeat.

It’s the gesture that’s important. We can fill in the blanks. Just like we do when someone quotes something in Latin and we have no idea what they’re saying but we can easily guess that it’s first of all something profound and secondly has no doubt also had an profound influence on Western Civilization.

This is that other kind of Latin. Much more fun to study, and not likely to ever become a dead language.