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Someday this picture will be worth a hundred bucks!

For those of you who think art has to involve a lot of careful consideration, precision and care, I spent quite some time adjusting the two block wave parameters in Showfoto to come up with this one.

The default settings often work well, but naturally one wants to experiment, and that’s quite easy to do with digital effects. I usually make the blocks smaller but then I got bored with that and went in the opposite direction.

That didn’t work well until I readjusted the other slider. This result, chosen from a number of similar but less interesting ones, is the sort of raw style that I’m never quite sure of at the time but often become have more confidence in once I’ve thought about it more.

Some art is straightforward and easy to have an opinion about and some fluctuates between the two extremes of rich-masterwork and cheap-cartoon with every blink of the eye.