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Fatboy Gets the Loot But Learns to Enjoy Sharing With His Tiny Cousins

Was he a bully? Or did he just show more initiative?

Over the years his talents quickly developed along with his ability to find the good stuff, haul it off — and wolf it down.

Of course, his tiny cousins were better off at reaching the small recesses of the cave and cleaning those places out. But in the end such a strategy limited their growth and caused them to compete with each other and not with numero uno — Fatboy.

Fatboy was in a position to do away with all three of them quite easily now, but they were hard to get at, and since they couldn’t really harm him or steal his stuff even if they tried, he paid little attention to them. They were family too.

For all his massive size, Fatboy could sure move fast when he spotted the golden crunch. Old, bored, or just a change of heart — they didn’t know — but one year he started sharing the loot with them.

Everyone changed. It was like old times again. It didn’t take much from Fatboy’s pile to keep the cousins heaped up and happy. And it made Fatboy feel magnanimous and more like the big brother he used to be.

Why you could say that their little place was the happiest cave on Mars.

I m a g e &nbsp N o t e s
Tierazon fractals, India Inked and uscomic.8bf-ed. Pretty simple stuff.