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Something Stripey This Way Comes

Different, ominous, threatening…

One of the things I find both intriguing and yet also frustrating about art is that people seem to respond to it differently and this makes the experience difficult to explain and subsequently, to comment upon or even predict.

This image, which is an unaltered fractal from Tierazon, passed through several different categories of “worthiness” before I finally decided it was worth posting. After reaching that conclusion I deleted a couple of others that were quite similar to it in coloring and general content but seemed to lack something which this one apparently had, and more importantly, continued to have. The test of time is usually a good way of determining what has value, although sometimes I think we can lose the ability over time to perceive what originally made something important.

Anyhow, I think this image shows the subjective side to art quite well, since I’m sure many viewers will not like this image, which is such a different reaction than mine.

Sometimes I think that a lot of famous “art” is simply the result of mass hysteria and the mind-bending influence of experts who we think must know better than we do. Have I become a mind-bending expert?

The conclusion I’ve reached in all this is that art is an experience and therefore influenced by all the things which shape any sort of experience. Our memories of the past and our current, but momentary, expectations both prepare us for and prejudice our experience of the artwork before us. We learn from experience and sometimes the results of those lessons leave us much more — stupid.

Art criticism then, almost becomes an exercise in psychoanalyzing yourself and everyone else around you. But that’s something we should be doing more of anyhow. Once again, the snakes and ladders of art criticism brings us back to the beginning.