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Dead Souls

Made from a 2bit BW engraving from an old book with the blockwave filter from Showfoto

Someone take these dreams away,
That point me to another day,
A duel of personalities,
That stretch all true realities.

That keep calling me,
They keep calling me,
Keep on calling me,
They keep calling me.

Where figures from the past stand tall,
And mocking voices ring the halls.
Imperialistic house of prayer,
Conquistadors who took their share.

from Dead Souls, by Joy Division

The creative process has always intrigued me. So much can be made in just a short while when one is “in the grove” or “inspired” or has “the muse”.

I’ve heard of musicians composing some of their greatest work in almost the same length of time that it takes for them to write it down. I think Mozart was like that – on a good day.

When working with Generative Art programs you’d expect the process to be somewhat less constrained by the artist’s frame of mind since so much is done by the software and the artist merely selects – without creating.

My experience however is that the process is really no different from any other creative activity, although sometimes the output of the software can inspire the artist (or whatever that person operating the software is called…).

The reason, I believe, is that pushing buttons can be a very demanding and creative activity and finding and choosing something worth saving is equally demanding in terms of mental powers.

Sometimes we take to the air with the greatest of ease, and sometimes we run ourselves to exhaustion and never lift off even for a moment.

The creative mind apparently refuses to work and, like a donkey, will sit and ignore the strongest of beatings or other incentives, only to get up suddenly and walk non-stop for miles.

Grasshopper! Study the donkey. Be the donkey – and not the stupid fool who beats it.