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Evil Seeds from Space

As beautiful and wondrous as the cloud stars are, we must not forget that they also contain dangers.

Just as the enchanted world of the coral reef holds both spectacular sights as well as some of the most ferocious predators found in the sea, cloud stars have been known to have sinister things lurking in their shadows too.

Early on, both space probes as well as Earth based sensing equipment detected small clusters of highly radioactive debris inside a number of cloud stars.

Just as some trees have thorns, these radioactive masses emitted sharply focused, intense beams of ionizing radiation in the form of gamma rays.  The actual number of these “jellyfish” clusters is quite small yet would pose a significant threat to probes and of course to the crews of a manned space craft.

Ironically, these radioactive masses also have the potential to play the role of navigational beacons as their radioactive beams are so focused that they can easily be used in the way a magnetic compass utilizes the directional aspects of the Earth’s own magnetic field.  Barring that, they also serve as their own lighthouses as they’re easily detected by onboard sensors which all spacecraft already routinely employ to avoid radiation hazards in space.

(Images made in Kandid using the Affine thing in grayscale.)