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Fyre 1.0.1

Alright now, before you get all excited and rush out to download this great program… it’s only for Linux. Sorry. Once again, you lose. Too bad there isn’t some emulator that will allow Linux programs to run on Windows.

It looks a bit like flame fractals, like from Apophysis, but in gray scale. The more I look at them, I would say they most closely resemble finely-shaded, pencil drawings. Usually they’re just squiggles, but occasionally the program makes one that looks like a glass-walled chamber dissolving into wisps of smoke.

Or Spirograph revisted. If you run this program for very long, you’ll see there’s a lot of repetition. But it’s fast and simple to use, so it doesn’t take long before you’ve gone through a hundred more and found something interesting.

You can change the “paper” color and you can change the “pencil” color. Grey on white seems to be just perfect, though. Naturally I worked a few over in my graphics program, but I couldn’t do much with them that was any sort of improvement.

I discovered something quite interesting. After going through about 500 big images, I decided to try rendering them as small images. Strangely enough, these “things” usually look more appealing when they’re smaller. This raises some interesting issues with regards to algorithmic or generated art: presentation can be very important.

I like the little images with extra whitespace on the sides. Good presentation can make mediocre images look good and good images look great. I guess the viewer’s impression is the final result of many factors, including the frame and other presentation parameters. Annotation sure helps too. A beautiful anectdote can really make up for an ugly picture.

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