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Das Kafig des Dr. Caligari

The cages of Dr. Caligari.

No, I haven’t seen the movie. I wish I could have. I’ve wanted to see this movie for a long time, but all I’ve managed to see is some stills from it, and they look great.

Anyhow, I think Dr. Caligari does something bad, and there’s a lot of shadowy and boldly painted backdrops in the movie, that is, according to my limited knowledge and helpful imagination. So when I saw these images, I immediately thought of this wonderful film that I’ve never actually seen.

There are levels of understanding to things like books, movies and even music. The first level involves only the title. What does the title tell you? What does it say about the work?

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Is it better sometimes to stop at the title and not go any further? If the title is great and triggers music in your mind, then that’s a tough act to follow and maybe the fire that the title started will be smothered by the rest of the book, or movie… or blog posting.

You can’t judge a book by it’s cover, and a big part of the cover is the title. But sometimes the author never even gets to write the title; the publisher, or one of their sly, marketing appointees, does that. Sometimes the title and the cover are entirely the domain of the publisher’s creativity. Of course, the author of the title doesn’t get to put their name on the book, so if you like their work, you’ve got to do a lot of browsing to find more of it, but fortunately, titles are easy and quick to read. Titles may actually be the most popular genre of all.

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