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De la Huerta

Spanish isn’t one of my strong points, but I think it means from the Huerta. Huerta being the orange orchards (or something very similar) that were started by the Moors in parts of Spain and have continued on (I think) to this day.

Actually, all I know is what I saw while looking out the window of the train once when travelling through the area around Valencia about 20 years ago. And what I read in James Michener’s book, Iberia. White buildings dropped here and there, and in between, lots of slender orange trees carefully arranged in a grid pattern and framed by narrow, dirt trails.

The image here is something that started out as a fractal and was then chewed and distorted by multicrystal.8bf, then “influenced” by a few other color effects filters. The strange and communal geneology of the landscape is repeated in the labyrinthine paths of photoshop filtering.

A chorus of nations and nationals combed the land and designed it’s open architecture.
I worked the field
a little,
harvested something different,
but closely related.

And the name?
How should we call it?
Lacking reliable historical sources
I refer only to ballads
and the residues of tradition
Things that rhyme,
are sung once a year,
or only eaten on special occasions.
When that fails,
and we begin to argue about several different people who all have the same name,
I suggest something simple
where it came from
De la Heurta

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