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From such simple seeds the image grows.

I can’t help but think of Sindbad and the rest of the Arabian Nights stories. Maybe it’s the tent-like arches. Maybe its the carved, honeycombed cielings.

I think of centipedes when I look at the fan-like fingery things. Ragged claws… silent seas…

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Do we invent fractals, make fractals, or do we discover them? Who can claim to have invented a formula? All the combinations and permutations are there already, somewhere out there, like fish in a dark sea, and we merely reel them in, unaware that it was they who were waiting for us.

Do we catch fish? Or do they decide amongst themselves, deep down where we can’t see them, who will be next?

No. Fractals are invented and fish are just fish. Sindbad never lived and the whole book was made up.

But our thoughts are real. And from such simple seeds all of these have grown.