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Lost Worlds

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I find it fascinating that an underground cave filled with the remains of an ancient sea, and the ancient creatures that inhabited it, could remain separate and undisturbed in one of the busiest places on Earth.

That’s what was discovered in Israel recently.

It was sealed off from ground water seeping in from above by an impervious layer above it. It used to be part of a larger Mediterannean Sea that shrunk and left this underground puddle behind.

It wouldn’t have been so surprising if it was found in Siberia or Antartica or on some Indonesian island, but in Israel of all places: the ancient, well-walked-over world.

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Well, I guess there are still astounding discoveries to made, even under the feet of Abraham. Makes you wonder if we’re really living in the beginning of history instead of the end.

Of course, if you’re sealed off in a cave, I guess human history is irrelevant.