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Phoenix Light Bulbs

Download parameter file “phoenix02.ink”

They’re all Julias from this humble Phoenix fractal:

Download parameter file “phoenix01.ink”

Yeah. Not much else to say about it.

Download parameter file “phoenix02a.ink”

I like cheap, sloppy printing, like the kind you see on cardboard boxes. Bad printing was the beginning of Algorithmic Art. Set it up; watch it wander.

Download parameter file “phoenix02b.ink”

I like that deep, saturated orange color. It looks so wonderfully artificial and synthetic like a cheap hard candy from a plastic wrapper.

Download parameter file “phoenix02c.ink”

Don’t feel too bad if you think all this stuff is junk. I like a lot of oddball things that probably (I’m guessing) don’t have much appeal to most other people.

Download parameter file “phoenix02d.ink”

Dried papaya. It could look like this. But the color is too orangey. Of course the color has been “enhanced” to make it more appealing to shoppers. Most dried things look brown. When life leaves something, color is not far behind.

Download parameter file “phoenix02e.ink”

They’re indexed pngs; only 16 colors, which makes for small file sizes of about 15 – 20k each. I’ve got dial-up, so I notice these things. I’ve got Windows 98 too. I used to have a 14″ monitor until just a couple of weeks ago. Joy is finding your crack in the wall and living in it.