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Spider Kings of the Fractal Caverns

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In the beginning, the spiders were kings.

They claimed all of the caverns and no one would go there except for them. Then one day the termite plants appeared.

They were just small, probing roots at first, but once they discovered the caverns, and how rich they were, they invaded.

The spiders were shocked at the boldness of the termite plants and were confused about what to do. Soon the termite plants had forced the spiders into the edges of the caverns while they occupied the largest parts.

Not sure how to attack these strange creatures, the spiders cautiously inspected the termite plants to find out what they were.

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Pretending to be unaware that anything besides themselves was living in the caverns, the termite plants acted pleasantly surprised to have some new friends. They called the spiders “kings” and told them how wonderful the spiders’ caverns were.

The spiders could see that the termite plants were powerful creatures, but since they called the spiders kings and spoke as if the caverns belong to the spiders, they gave no thought to fighting them.

To this day the spiders are treated like kings by the termite plants and the spiders, in turn, treat the plants like royal guests.