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The Persistence of Neighbours

I like the Dali-esque, melting clocks and propped-up bones style the image has.  This is a strangely carved, vegetable-like stucture and the scribblings in the sky up beyond it are just as cryptic and engrossing as the subject in the foreground — a potato-ey thing.

Here’s another with a slightly different twist of the dials on the blockwave filter.  It looks more like potato pillars and the sky seems to doing some building of its own.  Let’s look at where the image came from.  When making art from pushing buttons and turning dials, I only push buttons and turn dials; I don’t draw stuff like real artists do.  I don’t have time for that; and why reinvent the wheel, anyhow?

This is not quite the very beginning of the image; it’s been India Inked to provide a workable texture and surface detail for the blockwaving machine in Showfoto that created the distored images up top.

Here is the original image as I found it in a BBC website newstory on the most recent chapter in the ongoing dealings between Russia and the Ukraine with respect to natural gas.  It’s probably a stock photo and could have come from anywhere in the world that has pipes with gauges, sunlight and sky.  I saw some real potential in the image particularly the colors, but the clearly defined object was also compelling.

I like this sort of scavenging thing.