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Dot World

A new neighbourhood in Sudzy-ville.

Download parameter file “dot02.zar”

I like mechanical looking stuff. The punched-out, assembly line patterns that foliate our modern living lands.

What makes these bubble balls even more interesting is their mirage-like nature. Zoom in and the interesting sea of dots doesn’t look closer, it rearranges itself.

Even changing the size of the image window causes a near complete change of thing you were looking at.

Just to prove to myself that I’m not losing my mind, I saved the same image twice. The one above is not anti-aliased and the one below is. That’s the only difference.

Download parameter file “dot02aa.zar”

Normally, anti-aliasing just smoothes everything, especially curved structures which tend to be rendered as jaggy, stair stepped, shapes in our squared-off digital medium.

Fiddling with the “Bay Factor” value in the fractal parameter dialog helps to adjust the density of the dots and the size. So does adding more steps to the color values.

What is “Bay Factor?” Just another number to fiddle with. Who cares? Turn the dials and see what happens. It’s not a nuclear reactor.

When I look at these dotty, pearl-pocked images, I see something vintagesque. They have a 1920s, futuristic, bakelite, telephone switchboard, Buck Rogers, Metropolis, I-don’t-know-what, look to them.

I have no right to put my name on these things.

Or approach them with a frame.

Should my shadow fall across them,
have I not blasphemed?
Are they not defiled,
These noble things I could never make,
Or even paint from memory?

Surely I am a dirty rag
an unclean leprous thing,
When I try to smear my name on them
and pretend I own these things.

That they have let me look at them
and not blinded me with fire
I should consider mercy
Instead I soon conspire
to post them to my blog
I am like a liar.

Alright. Rhyme of the Fractal Mariner…