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How Green was my Wasteland

While checking out the L-systems on Fractal ViZion, I re-visited another cool thing this program does.

“Random Landscapes — 3D rendering using ray-traced mid-point displacement algorithm” That’s how the author, Terry Gintz describes it in the help manual. (You can get a trial version of the program here.)

I’d probably say, “Random Wastelands — Do the Sindbad thing and get dropped of by a Roc in the middle of nowhere.”

The images are quite stylish with a vintage touch. They remind me of the opening credits to Sergio Leone’s, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

I love the wastelands.

Nicest place I’ve ever lived was Arizona. Six months on the edge of Phoenix.

Notice I said “edge;” downtown Phoenix is something else.

Just out of the city to the northeast there was a nice “park.” The closest thing to it back east would be a gravel pit overgrown with small trees.

Wasteland of wondrous waste and endless worthless wastes. Sun cracked golden ground. Silent sky, silent sun. Rich with emptyness. The Midas-touch of the Sun.

You can walk on the steams because they have no water in them.

Bright sunshine, the occasional breeze, no bugs, you don’t need a trail, just pick a direction and start walking.

You don’t need a map, you’re standing on the map.

There’s no water. Finding water is like finding money. 2 liters of water and a hat is all you need.

Movies about Mars have been filmed out here; this place is more martain than Mars.

Wear a hat and you’re always in the shade.

Why do people retire out here? Because this is the place we’d live if we didn’t have to work.

Ian Tyson, a folksy country singer, left the big eastern city and a steady income to live out west where work was uncertain. Looking out at the mountains one morning, he said he’d rather starve out here than live back east.

There’s going to be a place in Heaven just like Arizona; a land of sunshine to explore forever.