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Cloud Horn

From the Cloud Horn come the clouds.

Download parameter file “urban03b.loo”

Each cloud is born with a thunderous sound.

No two clouds are the same and the droning sound that accompanies them is always unique.

Download parameter file “horn01.loo”

For large clouds the horn makes a deep, sustained noise. This can last for hours, but most clouds are made in a few seconds.

It was a wild theory, a very wild theory for quite some time until the discovery of the exact location proved the Cloud Horn’s existence.

Download parameter file “horn02.loo”

Carefull tracking of individual clouds, something never even considered before, revealed that all clouds, everywhere in the world, originated from this single place.

Studied extensively, and the subject of numerous documentaries and books, the Cloud Horn is still unexplained.

Download parameter file “horn03.loo”

It’s presence is observed only by the formation of new clouds and the mysterious but clearly audible sounds that simultaneously occur.

Aircraft flying in the vicinity have been unable to pinpoint the exact center of the Cloud Horn, which appears to shift with seasonal variation, but is contained within a 5 mile zone.

Further cloud tracking studies have suggested the existence of approximately 12 smaller cloud horns around the main one, all within a 90 mile area.