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The Silent Enemy

Silence needs no translation and adapts flawlessly to all languages. Revealed to us as innovative, we recognize it as an old friend.

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Long ago there was a civilization that rapidly advanced to the conclusion of culture. Although they had not developed writing, this did not hinder the preservation of their great discovery, silence.

Spreading without fanfare or ceremony, silence was adopted by every group of people. It needed no introduction or argument as its benefits were quietly understood.

Like all plagues, silence easily adapted to new opportunities and exploited the weaknesses already present in our frenzied, undernourished speech.

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Originally percieved as passive, the infiltration of silence was relentless. Every word gave way to silence as it divided and conquered the kingdom of language.

Outrageous as it may once have been, silence demanded and recieved the right to be present at the beginning and ending of each thought.

Seeing the weakness of its literate enemies in granting such a bold request, silence encircled and took hostage every word.

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Silence rides roughshod over grammar and shows contempt for laws and tradition, insisting that its muted presence is enough to give meaning in any context.

Even music lays down to die before the thundering hoofbeats of the approaching horde. And afterwards, only the wind, with tacit permission, makes the effort to live.

Who decreed that the space bar should be the greatest of all keys? Every hit repeating the chant, “Shut up… Shut up..” until our thoughts, harassed, become confused, releasing a victorious cheer of silence.

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Coming together and pooling their efforts, silence topples the tallest of towers.

Today docile, mere sheep before our invisible masters, silence laughs at how easily it has domesticated us.

Breaking the golden traditions that brought it to greatness, silence speaks out with arrogance, “How many words does it take to screw in a lightbulb!”

I have heard the laughter and seen their silly smiles. In desperation I tell you, hoping that now is the time of liberation.

But I am only one, and silence is all around me, putting blanks between my words and declaring victory at the end of every post; claiming authorship by its flowing signature of silence.