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The home of the Moon

Once upon a time, the moon lived in the forest.

Download parameter file “feather07a.loo”

The forest was dark, even in the daytime. The Moon made things worse; being so big, it was always in the way and casting a shadow that made it hard for the trees to get sunlight and animals to find their way around.

Whenever the Moon moved out of the way of one creature he was getting in the way of someone else.

One day he said to himself, “I want to go away from here and find somewhere else to live.”

Download parameter file “feather07b.loo”

That night the Moon left the forest and pushed itself up into the air and through the clouds.

As it moved up into the sky it began to get brighter, although it was still night time.

Download parameter file “feather07d.loo”

It became smaller and smaller as it drifted away from the forest, but the Moon also became brighter and brighter so that the creatures noticed something strange was happening.

The Pine Trees saw a deer and asked him what was going on.

“The Moon hates you and everyone else in the forest. That’s why he left. Now he’s on fire. Serves him right.”

Download parameter file “feather08.loo”

Weeks past and the Moon was still there and the Pine Trees often looked up at him. They saw the Deer again and asked him, “The Moon is still there. Isn’t he burning up?”

“He’s dead. Dead things look like that.”

The Pine Trees threw hard, green cones down on the Deer. “You’re a liar, get out of here,” they said. “The Moon used to cast a shadow during the day and now he brightens up the whole forest at night.”