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Heart of Fractals

Download parameter file “tomato05.loo”

Like the evil, money-grubbing Gepetto from Pinnochio, I want to put chains around these fractals and harness their talent.

But it’s not likely there will be any paying customers, and being a gentle person, I let them go free, content with the memory of them and the thought that I will surely see them again, at home in the wild.

Well, not quite. That’s the Disney version.

Download parameter file “tomato02.loo”

With a small crew of petty criminals, I captain a small steamer through the remote tributaries of this fractal formula.

Beyond the law, above the law, ironically we become the law; insisting we have every right to possess this strange land. And the wealth of imagery it conceals.

I had kicked myself free of the earth…

Download parameter file “tomato01.loo”

Did the darkness grow out of the jungle as others had said? Or was it the greed in our own hearts that released it like an enveloping cloud; hiding from us the realization that before we came here this place was pure.

The confusing maze of rivers and rivulets combined with my smouldering fevers, left me at times wondering if I would ever find my way out of here alive.

Download parameter file “tomato03.loo”

Sometimes I found myself questioning what reason I had to believe there was anything else to reality than this tangled world of water and jungle.

Months later… I am now almost a skeleton and constantly in a state of intense fever. Curious to make out the words I keep repeating, and thinking that they may lead to some secret treasure trove, a stranger leans over me and hears me say with my last breath, “the blog…the blog!”