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Death threats are a no-no

Just in case no one’s told you…

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For that matter, sarcasm in general is not a good idea on the internet.

Why? Because people can’t see your face. They can’t see you smiling as you write, “…or I’ll kill you.”

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There’s a lot of things that just don’t get communicated when we’re talking with text; the message becomes diluted, vague and open to numerous interpretations.

On the other hand, any violent response can only do emotional damage; how much harm can someone do to you with email or comments?

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Now that’s interesting; if text, the written word, is such a limp form of communication, then how is it that words can hurt? How can they provoke such deep feeling?

Let’s flip the coin over and continue this discussion with happy things. Words of encouragement, kindness, a cheerful hello…

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What tender, pathetic creatures we are that we should be so powerfully influenced by the words of the people around us. Why aren’t we all in a psychiatric ward?

On the other hand, what great potential there is in our ability to speak or write. Think of all the good things that could happen.

Being alive is pretty weird.