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The sacred images of Fuludu! (“foo-loo-doo”)

Download parameter file fuludu01.loo

Prepare! For the inconsequences of Fuludu!

Action! Toward the inescapable conclusions of Fuludu!

Cling to power! Rage against the enemies of Fuludu!

Subvert! The evil schemes against Fuludu!

Run and tumble! Before the crashing rage of Fuludu!

Our weapons are useless! Against the power of Fuludu!

Shock, terror! Behold the registered trademarks of Fuludu!

Download parameter file revere01.loo

Don’t forget to pick up milk! Breakfast cereals are the allies of Fuludu!

Put your head in a box! Contemplate the corrugated-ness of Fuludu!

Bounce your head off the wall! Fuludu is not found in empty gestures!

Substantiate text and mechanism! Fuludu pre-eminates with precision and responsibility!