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The Sea

The sea is the same everywhere; but the sea is never the same.

As an image is inverted, so the sea is transformed by day or night.

Strange stories have come from the sea, impressing upon us an image in our minds that the authors could never imagine.

If an image is only the light it reflects, then no one has ever seen the sea.

As the earth is the bottom of the sea, so the sea is the bottom of the sky.

Impossible colors; the sea burns with the colors of the sun.

Somewhere, once, the sea was just like this.

The sea is new.  It has always been this way.


(A series of images based on an original made in CAPOW 2007.  Each image was altered by a different photoshop filter.  In some cases the
images were derived from applying the on board XnView filters to an indexed image.  The result of many filters changes enormously when
applied to a 16 or 256 color image for which it was never intended.  Just another example of how many creative options there are even when
all you’re doing is pushing buttons or turning dials.)