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They want so badly just to sing.

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I read something about an abstract artist called Kandinsky who contemplated the similarities between musical and visual art.

Some of this is sure to be wrong, but I think he felt that abstract art could be just as expressive as music since, if you think about it, music is also abstract and, as we all know, it’s a very popular and powerful artform.

Some musicians were even influenced by Kandinsky’s ideas.

Yeah… well it sounds interesting, no pun intended, but most of what I’ve seen by Kandinsky is not too exciting. There’s a few intriguing ones. What a troglodite I am.

I think art and music have similarities and can complement each other and sometimes express the same things but they’re also as different as two languages.

Rock videos illustrate this quite well: seeing and hearing often don’t mix. When they do it’s the result of hard work or accident.

It’s good that pictures are silent. Their’s is a quiet kind of music.