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Amazing Wonders

When you’re the only one on board, you’re the captain.

It started off as a photo of a glacier, although that might not be obvious.

Original Photo

This is the type of image that I find interesting. It challenges me. It compels me to ask, “Will I come to my senses and delete all this tommorrow?”

In some abstract art, I see the DNA of imagery become unravelled and recombined to make things that defy explanation and reveal the machinery of visual experience.

I may see something attractive in the image and yet I can’t justify it or explain it. I often doubt my own judgement.

It’s easy to comment on conventional things, things that fit into established categories. We know how others will respond to what we say because we’ve heard them respond to the same things before. It’s safe.

But to look at what no one has seen before and determine its value requires us to think for ourselves. We have to possess our own standards, our own measuring tools.

They way I see it, the longer your work still looks good to you, the more likely it is to have real value and not just be something you’re imagining. Others might see value in it too.

I mean, how long can a blinding stupor of senselessness last?