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Something completely different

Photographic post-processing

Hey, you can’t get excited about fractals and not have some interest in other art stuff. I like tinting old photos in my graphics program.

I don’t actually tint them by hand or anything. I experiment with various filters and effects until something good happens.

If not, I move on to another.

Original Photo

What I like about the whole thing is that it’s so simple and yet the results can be really amazing.

There isn’t a whole lot of talent involved, but it does help if you’re familiar with a number of basic graphical effects. Other than that, the computer does all the work.

Many fractal artists use a fractal program as just the start of their creative process and not the final step like I usually do. They then process the image further in a graphics program.

This is the same thing but with photographs.

Mostly it’s a matter of using a good dithering algorithm to reduce the number of colors in the image to like 6 or 8 and then gradient mapping.

Edge detection filters can add a batik or cracked wax look, but in the end the coloring is accomplished by experimenting with various gradients (called swatches in Photoshop, I think).

Corresponding colors from the gradient are substituted for the colors in the image’s palette.

It’s a simple procedure but the combination of dithering and gradient mapping makes the outcome almost impossible to predict. Like fractals you have to enjoy the treasure hunting process or it’s just frustrating.