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Fractal Room and Board

Common things are not necessarily easy to make.

Download parameter file watermandel01.loo

A while ago, someone who plays the guitar told me that because we see so many people playing the guitar in movies and on television, most people think it’s easy.

In other words, because it’s common, we assume it’s easy, or simple.

I think the same goes for just about everything else in our culture: Art, Music, Writing, Sports, Languages, Martial Arts, Photography, Knitting, Woodworking, etc…

We see so much talented stuff around, we think it’s easy to do those things.

Just try standing on a surf board without falling off. On TV they make it look so easy. Skateboarding, same thing.

I forgot singing, or acting. One high school musical or play will teach the most important lesson of all: it’s not easy.

Fractals are not quite the same. They are easy to make.

It’s like photography, something else which looks easy, you just need the equipment. A good photograph however, is another matter. That requires things you can’t buy.

There was a time when any fractal image was exciting to look at and talk about. There was also a time when any photographic image was exciting to look at and would inspire wondrous comments.

Yep. The times they are a’changin.

Fractals are a dime a dozen now. They’ve got to earn their own keep. They can’t expect to go on much longer impressing people with their mathematical pedigree and living like royal pets in an art gallery.

They’re going to have to work like everyone else. That means rolling up their sleeves and making themselves useful by helping out with advertisements; cheap packaging; royalty-free clip art; gumball machines; and cheesy animated email gifs.