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I’m still adjusting to the year 2000

I don’t know, two thousand and anything sounds like science fiction to me.

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What wondrous dates have we looked at from a distance, walked over, and moved on?

1984 by George Orwell; Space 1999 by somebody; 2001 by Stanley Kubrick.

What’s left: 2010, a sequel to 2001; 2112 an album by the rock group Rush.

It seems the two thousand thing doesn’t mean what it used to. That’s because we’re here, of course. Nothing mysterious or speculative about the present.

HG Wells wrote a book that became a movie, The Shape of
Things to Come. No number with it. We can never say we’ve past that place.

Of course Orwell wasn’t suggesting anything by using the date 1984. It was just a catchy title for that time.

Alright, so what’s the point? Forget that, how about this: Time is like a video game, the kind where you drive a car and move down a road but actually it’s the road that moves, the events scroll past you, and the car you manoeuvre just stays stuck in the middle of the screen.

Civilization hasn’t budged from where it started. The big river of years has flowed past us, we call it 2000 and something but we’re still in ancient times living in modern caves.

For every Cain, there’s now a billion. And for Abel, the same. We’re the momentary apex of a hill of iterations. Self-similar, and living the same.

How could such a colorful fractal inspire something as gloomy as that?