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Fractal home of Santa

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Like all fairy tales I guess Santa is the product of many minds and a collective creation.

JRR Tolkien wrote a letter to his children from Santa every Christmas. Later they were made into a book called The Father Christmas Letters.

Tolkein had no trouble making up stories and he easily created a whole world around Santa, or Father Christmas as he called him.

Santa is a character with all sorts of possibilities, mostly because the popular legends have so many blanks in them that are just begging to be filled.

Culture is a funny thing. If you go travelling, you soon notice the differences amongst people. Behaviour that seems peculiar to you is perfectly normal and natural to the country you’re in.

You come home and for the first time become aware of the culture you are a part of. That’s the great thing about travelling, you get to know your own home better.

I wonder what Santa thinks about the world. Will he one day just decide to stay home permanently in his peaceful winter palace and hope he’ll forget all the misery and indifference he’s seen?

Or will he come down to earth and do something meaningful instead of dressing up once a year and giving out toys to the rich kids when the poor ones don’t even have clean water to drink?

Tradition is just the wheel ruts of our ancestors. Let’s do something better and while we’re at it give the next generation better wheel ruts to drive in.