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Sindbad’s Dream

I had inherited considerable wealth from my parents, and being young and foolish I at first squandered it recklessly upon every kind of pleasure, but presently, finding that riches speedily take to themselves wings if managed as badly as I was managing mine, and remembering also that to be old and poor is misery indeed, I began to bethink me of how I could make the best of what still remained to me. I sold all my household goods by public auction, and joined a company of merchants who traded by sea, embarking with them at Balsora in a ship which we had fitted out between us. (From The First Voyage of Sindbad, Andrew Lang, 1898)

Mario Klingemann’s distortion filters from his VM collection are a good example of how unpredictable clicking on graphical effects can be.  After doing a number of things with this image which was originally an Afghan banknote, including some chopping and negative (invert) effects, I clicked on one of the VM distortion filters (probably Distortion by Brightness) which produced this sandy, dreamlike image.

The colors, particularly the colored streaks, come from another effect and as is the case generally with clicking on filters (what I call, Clickism) the final result is a combination of things which is often a surprise and often not reproducible.  I have found the most successful way to work with filters is not to be too rigid but rather try out all sorts of things to see what works (or mosty, what doesn’t work).  Sometimes you remember how you got to the final step and sometimes you don’t.